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Chief Cart Inc.

Lansing, MI, Golf Cart Rentals, Repairs and Parts

Located in Lansing, MI, Chief Cart Inc. is the destination for anything related to golf carts. We specialize in golf cart rentals, golf cart repairs, golf cart parts and new golf carts. Chief Cart Inc. also consults and advises people looking to buy a golf cart in the Lansing, Michigan areas - and far beyond.

We have 17 years of experience working with Michigan residents and multiple brands and types of golf carts. We take time to listen to our customers, understand their needs and suggest a golf cart or fleet of golf carts that is a perfect solution. Whether we're working with an apartment complex looking for nice golf carts to show future residents the grounds or a work crew setting up for a festival that needs golf carts for wear and tear, we're your golf cart resource!

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Buy A Golf Cart Today!

We have service technicians and in-field technicians as well as a large inventory of carts to enable us to respond quickly to our customers' needs! Do you own a golf cart but aren't sure what kind and need a repair or part? Call us, and we'll help you determine your golf cart brand so we can provide you with the correct parts! We've got diesel, gas and electric vehicles to ensure a large variety for everyone's needs!

If you're located in the Lansing, MI areas or the surrounding areas, we'd be happy to deliver our golf carts right to you! Call us today to and learn more about what we can do for your festival, apartment complex, municipality, high school sporting program or any other need you may have!


We're the golf cart experts and can provide parts and repairs to almost any kind of golf cart! Figuring out the year, make and model of your cart is crucial to ensure we provide the right service. If you have an EZ-GO cart, look for the serial number. typically this is located on a plaque in the glove compartment section or behind the driver's feet. Call us, and we'll assist you in finding out what cart you have!

TOLL FREE: 1.888.906.7676 | OFFICE: 517.371.2388

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